Gapin Institute Introduces A Precision Health Optimization & Performance Center in Sarasota

The flagship center provides data-driven personalized medicine to tackle low testosterone, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular disease.

Sarasota, FL –  Gapin Institute for High Performance Medicine leverages the experience and expertise of Tracy Gapin, MD, FACS to shift the paradigm of health toward precision health optimization. A data-driven, personalized approach has emerged as the future of healthcare and is now available in Florida. The Gapin Institute combines modern medicine with hormone optimization, genetics, epigenetics, health and fitness coaching, nutrition, and sleep science. 

The cutting-edge center addresses men’s and women’s top health concerns. Society is experiencing a health crisis with plummeting testosterone levels, worsening obesity, cardiovascular disease, and sexual function, and for the first time in many years, a declining lifespan. 

At Gapin Institute, patients experience personalized healthcare with a unique comprehensive model incorporating all evidence-based and data-driven modalities. Treatment plans are based on personalized health data including genetics, real-time wearable tech data, detailed functional lab testing and next-generation biomarkers. The center utilizes an efficient hybrid model offering  both on-site and telehealth visits.

Tracy Gapin, MD, a board-certified urologist and men’s health expert, shared, “the main problems I hear men complain about are low energy and focus, brain fog, difficulty losing weight, and issues with performance in the bedroom. Our current healthcare system is failing men because disease-model medicine only treats illness, rather than emphasizing prevention and proactively upgrading health and performance.”

Gapin continues, “Over the past 20 years, there has been a population-based decline in testosterone levels of nearly 30 percent. This a men’s health pandemic for the 162 million men in the United States. My mission is to empower men to optimize their health so they can realize their full potential and be the husbands, fathers and leaders they’re meant to be.”

After 20 years in traditional urology, Dr. Gapin saw a need to reinvent men’s health. He is a member of A4M (Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine), AMMG (Age Medical Management Group), and the International Peptide Society. These organizations are at the forefront of longevity research, education and best practices for healthcare providers.

Dr. Gapin incorporates precision hormone optimization, peptide therapy, state-of-the-art biometric tracking, epigenetic coaching, and cutting-edge age management strategies. 

At the Gapin Institute, Mike Menza, PA serves as the Clinical Director and Karen Gruber, ARNP leads the women’s health services. Gapin Institute also has a team of health and fitness coaches, nutrition experts and epigenetic specialists.

Patients can also undergo a comprehensive Executive Health Exam in the world-class center. The full day, immersive experience includes an early-detection physical exam, 5-6 hour complete full body check up complete with extensive screenings, advanced blood work, cardiac imaging and calcium scoring, and genetics analysis. Patients meet with a nutritionist for a nutrigenomic assessment, a fitness trainer for core strength and agility assessment, and a functional medicine-trained health coach for a lifestyle assessment.

Dr. Gapin has been offering his proprietary G1 Performance Health Program since 2018. G1 was developed to help people regain energy and focus, lose weight, and improve their performance in all areas of their life. “We connect cutting-edge age management medicine with personalized genetics, health and fitness coaching for accountability, and wearable tech to track outcomes through biometric data. This comprehensive approach is what I recognized was missing in traditional healthcare,” said Dr. Gapin.

Please visit for more information. The center is offering free InBody body composition scans for a limited time during the center’s opening. 

About Gapin Institute for High Performance Medicine: Gapin Institute is the preeminent destination for high performance health and longevity. This is not your typical healthcare center. It’s precision health optimization, personalized for you and data-driven for optimal results. 


About Tracy Gapin, MD, FACS:

Dr. Gapin is a board-certified Urologist, world renowned Men’s Health & Performance Expert, and Professional Speaker. He’s the author of the best-selling book MALE 2.0: Cracking the Code to Limitless Health & Vitality. Using state-of-the-art biometric monitoring, nutrition and lifestyle intervention, Dr. Gapin coaches Fortune 500 executives and evolutionary leaders of business, sports medicine, and high performance. He specializes in cutting-edge precision medicine with an emphasis on epigenetics, providing men with a personalized path to optimizing health & performance.

Mission Statement

Dr. Gapin’s mission is to help 1 million men realize their full potential and be the husbands, fathers, and leaders they’re meant to be.


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