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Do you want to have more ENERGY, lose WEIGHT, have better SEX and live LONGER?

Our expert team at the Gapin Institute is ready to help you achieve High Performance Health!

"These precision health strategic steps took me to a whole new level of high performance — at home and at work.."
Andrew C.
G1 Program for High Performance Health Client

Get Dr. Gapin's Top 15 Strategies for High Performance Health

Are you struggling with low energy, difficulty losing weight, or issues in the bedroom? Check out Dr. Tracy Gapin’s cutting-edge strategies to boost your health and performance that you can implement TODAY!

We emphasize science-based precision medicine, personalizing every health decision based on your unique genetic blueprint. No more guessing!

Let's get you the results you deserve.

Discover the critical drivers to High Performance in every area of your life. Learn the strategies the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and CEOs leverage to optimize their body and brain for better energy, focus, confidence, and yes, even better sex!

  • Discover the Power of Your Hormones
  • Unlock the Science: Genetics & Epigenetics
  • Uncover the Secrets of Advanced Diagnostics & Data
  • Learn About The Power of Peptides

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"I created High Performance Health because I believe that the success you achieve in every area of your life, starts and ends with your health. When you invest in your health, you create high performance."

-Tracy Gapin, MD, FACS - Founder of Gapin Institute

Be Unstoppable — Transform Your Health & Performance

A Different Approach to Health.

Executive Telehealth

We provide concierge-level executive health and wellness expertise utilizing leading video based telemedicine technology.

Systems-Based Approach

We take a whole-body, epigenetic approach to health, focusing on how all inputs affect the human system. We look at 760,000 biomarkers.

Individualized Medicine

We emphasize science-based precision medicine, personalizing every health decision based on your unique genetic blueprint. No more guessing!

Anti-Aging & Longevity

We utilize cutting-edge age management protocols to reverse the aging process and expand longevity.

sexual health

The Gapin Institute also offers several different approaches to specifically help men & women overcome aliments and achieve maximal sexual function.

Data Driven Performance

Track and leverage your biometric data using state of the art wearable technology to truly optimize your health.

Imagine how it will feel to have the energy and vitality you used to.

Our proprietary G1 Program for High Performance Health is individualized precision health optimization designed to upgrade you. Guessing is not an option when it comes to your health. Gapin Institute uses the precision and power of science for your unique goals, needs and results. Schedule your high performance consultation TODAY.

Dr. Tracy Gapin:
The Men’s Health Crisis

Dr. Gapin discusses his background and talks about what sparked his interest in integrative approaches to urologic problems and men’s health issues, the contributing factors to low testosterone, and why there is a growing low testosterone pandemic with men.

"High performance health and wearable technology can improve racing performance.
Gapin Institute helped me change my health and training regimen including my race-day approach. It improved my personal and professional life."

~ Marko Radisic, Professional Race Car Driver,
Entrepreneur & 3x Guinness World Record holder

We build athletes.

Experience peak athletic performance with G1SPORT – your top-tier athletic sports health program. Pursue your sports dreams or weekend warrior goals with our industry-leading expertise. Our focus is the comprehensive journey to greatness, extending well beyond the gym.

Insights & Podcasts

Male Hormones: How Testosterone and Toxins Mess With You

This conversation features board-certified urologist Tracy Gapin, M.D., one of the 8th Annual Biohacking Conference keynote speakers. He’ll be on the main stage in Beverly Hills in September. He joins this special preview episode to discuss new ways for men to improve their health and performance. He uses epigenetic coaching, hormones, peptide therapy, biometric monitoring, and unique nutrition and lifestyle interventions.

“I went to countless doctors and nothing worked…After I went through Dr. Tracy Gapin’s  G1 High Performance Health program, I am a changed man. I no longer am a couch potato after work. I no longer have the brain fog that I used to experience all the time at work.”

Allen Giles

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