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  • Discover the Power of Your Hormones
  • Unlock the Science: Genetics & Epigenetics
  • Uncover the Secrets of Advanced Diagnostics & Data
  • Learn About The Power of Peptides

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Tracy Gapin G1 Health

"I created the Gapin Institute because I believe that how you show up every day, the success you achieve, and the quality of your life all depend on your health. When you invest in your health, you commit to being the best version of you."

- Tracy Gapin, MD, FACS
Founder, CEO - Gapin Institute, Sarasota, Florida

The Gapin Precision Method

Developed by Tracy Gapin, MD, from Sarasota, Florida

The Gapin Precision Method puts all the pieces together and connects the dots so you can focus on one thing – results.  

Precision Discovery

(What Are Your Goals?)

  • Where Are You Now
  • Where Do You Want To Be?
  • Health and Lifestyle Assessment
  • What’s Your Why?

Precision Diagnostics

(Find Your Blind Spots)

  • Labs: Hormones, Metabolic Health, Micronutrients,
    Cardiovascular Health, Electrolytes
  • Functional Tests: Gut Health, Cortisol, Metabolism, Cardiovascular Health, Resting Metabolic Rate and VO2 Max, Cognitive Function
  • Imaging: Coronary Calcium Score, Full Body MRI

Precision Design

(Just Tell Me What To Do)

  • Life: Nutrition, Sleep, Fitness, Toxins, Mindset/Stress, Gratitude, Social Connection, Accountability
  • Supplementation: Hormones, Supplements, Peptides, Medications
  • Cutting-edge advances: Regenerative Therapies (Stem cells, Exosomes, PRP), Biohacking Tools (Cryo, Sauna, Red Light, etc.)

Precision Data

(One Size Fails All)

  • Genetics
  • Biometric Data: Blood Sugar, Sleep, HRV, Activity, Body Composition
  • Personalized Health KPIs: Labs, Tests, Wearable Data, Body Composition, Subjective Assessments

As you improve, we retest, refine, and repeat to continually optimize your results.

Be the best version of you.

Imagine how it will feel to have the energy, drive, and vitality you want to live your best life.

G1 Health is our proprietary health optimization program that’s meticulously crafted to elevate your mind and body to function at the highest level.

Guessing is not an option when it comes to your health. Gapin Institute incorporates the power of precision diagnostics, personalized data, and cutting-edge science to achieve real results. Schedule your complimentary Discovery Call TODAY!

Dr. Tracy Gapin:
The Men’s Health Crisis

Dr. Gapin, from Sarasota, Florida, tackles the men’s health crisis and demonstrates how our traditional healthcare system is failing men. He provides actionable guidance to empower every man to take control of his health.

"G1 Health massively improved my racing performance. Gapin Institute helped me upgrade my health and training regimen, including my race-day approach. It transformed my personal and professional life and I can't thank them enough."

~ Marko Radisic, Professional Race Car Driver,
Entrepreneur & 3x Guinness World Record holder

We build athletes.

Experience peak athletic performance with G1SPORT – your top-tier athletic sports health program. Pursue your sports dreams or weekend warrior goals with our industry-leading expertise. Our focus is the comprehensive journey to greatness, extending well beyond the gym.

Insights & Podcasts

How Toxins & Lifestyle Choices Lower Testosterone Levels

In this episode, Tee welcomes Dr. Tracy Gapin to discuss the pressing issue of declining testosterone levels in men. As a board-certified urologist and men’s health expert, Dr. Gapin sheds light on the national significance of this health crisis and offers professional advice on how men can safeguard against and reverse the effects of decreasing testosterone levels. The conversation also delves into advanced anti-aging techniques and experimental treatments, showcasing Dr. Gapin’s pioneering work in improving the longevity and vitality of his patients.

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Male Hormones: How Testosterone and Toxins Mess With You

This conversation features board-certified urologist Tracy Gapin, M.D., in from Sarasota, Florida, one of the 8th Annual Biohacking Conference keynote speakers. He’ll be on the main stage in Beverly Hills in September. He joins this special preview episode to discuss new ways for men to improve their health and performance. He uses epigenetic coaching, hormones, peptide therapy, biometric monitoring, and unique nutrition and lifestyle interventions.

“My journey with the Gapin Institute since December 2022 has been nothing short of transformative. Over the past year and four months, I’ve worked closely with their dedicated team to achieve my personal health goals through a tailored approach, including TRT and Peptide therapy. 

The results have been phenomenal. I’ve successfully reduced my weight from over 220 pounds to 192, while simultaneously increasing my skeletal muscle mass and achieving significant body fat loss. The physical changes are evident, but beyond that, I feel rejuvenated—like I’ve reclaimed a decade of my life. 

The experience has been completely satisfactory, without a single complaint. Every aspect of the treatment has proven its value, and I can confidently say that investing in my health at the Gapin Institute has been worth every penny.”

- Joseph Verrico

I am now 71 but people are telling me I look 50 and I truly feel better than I did at 50. My feeling of energy, cognitive clarity, and vitality. And all in important ways that I didn’t have before the performance program at Gapin Institute. I lost 20 lbs over six months and I lost 3 inches off my waist. My exercise tolerance has improved significantly and helped me in my Pickle Ball game—significantly better!

- Jerry Greenberg, MD

“I’ve been involved with Gapin and its been a blessing. I lost the dad bod and just in better shape than I was in my twenties.”

- Richard Behney

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