High Performance Health with Precision Race Car Driver, Marko Radišić

Just as race teams strategize and look for every tweak to improve the car’s performance, Marko Radisic does the same with his personal health and performance. Radisic strategizes with his medical team at the Gapin Institute for High Performance Health to make precise adjustments off-track so he can perform better on-track. Studies show that racers burn ~1000 calories every hour of racing. The physical toll of racing is far greater than many realize, and the drivers are required to be among the fittest athletes. The stressors faced by race car drivers include G-forces, heat stress, and muscular effort in addition to mental stress, dehydration and more. Without precision-based, prep and recovery, no racecar driver will ever find their way into the winner’s circle. Radisic, like other clients, is given an individualized performance health blueprint. His team consists of a medical doctor, functional health coach, nutritionist, fitness trainer, epigenetics specialist and a concierge team to interpret and leverage his health data. The G1 Performance Health Program at the Gapin Institute starts with baseline diagnostics and advanced lab testing to determine a precise health strategy.

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