Peptide Therapy

Benefits of Peptides

Peptides are amazing. These innovative treatments are on the cutting-edge of optimization and performance medicine for men. In fact, peptide therapy is truly a game changer that may ultimately replace pharmaceuticals. 

What Are Peptides?

Peptides are simply short chains of amino acids that act as signaling molecules to accomplish precise outcomes. They are NOT pharmaceuticals!

Peptide therapy can combat the effects of aging by restoring optimal cellular function. Peptides allow us to heal from the inside out by targeting specific areas of concern.

Since peptides are only composed of naturally-occurring amino acids, your body easily recognizes their signals. Peptides have revolutionized men’s health by providing a personalized approach to achieving specific goals.

Peptide therapy should always be monitored by a professional. Want peptides to upgrade to the next level? Schedule a Peptide Consult Here

Peptides therapy can be personalized to provide numerous precise health benefits. Some benefits of peptides include:

  • Weight loss
  • Improved muscle mass
  • Improved exercise recovery
  • Increased energy
  • Improved libido
  • Better sexual function
  • Improved cognitive function
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Better sleep
  • Increased testosterone levels
  • Hair growth
  • Better skin quality
  • Improved digestive function
  • Disease prevention
  • Age reversal!

Who Benefits From Peptide Therapy

Peptides can benefit practically anyone, especially men who …

  • Struggle with belly fat (no matter how well they eat or how much they exercise).
  • Train hard, but aren’t seeing the results they want.
  • Struggle with workout recovery.
  • Suffer with low energy or fatigue.
  • Experience a decline in their libido or sexual performance.
  • Struggle with poor sleep.
  • Suffer from anxiety or depression.
  • Suffer from chronic fatigue, joint pain, and chronic inflammation.
  • Struggle with poor gut health.
  • Want to reverse aging!

There are over 7,000 known peptides, and each one has a precise function.
Peptides provide tons of functional benefits. They improve, optimize, and enhance your health, and even extend your life. Some of the specific peptides we use include:

Peptide Treatment Options

Peptides for Weight Loss

CJC-1295: growth hormone-­releasing hormone
Ipamorelin: growth hormone-releasing peptide
Tesamorelin: growth hormone-releasing peptide
AOD-9604: targets abdominal fat
Amlexanox/TTA: suppresses appetite
Tesofensine: suppresses appetite

Peptides for Reducing Inflammation and Improving Recovery

BPC-157: reduces musculoskeletal and gut inflammation and provides neuroprotection
Thymosin Beta 4: promotes fast healing and reduces inflammation
LL-37: antimicrobial, supports healing at sites of inflammation

Peptides for Athletic Performance / Muscle Gain

MOTS-c: mitochondrial biogenesis (increases production and function), potential exercise mimetic
CJC-1295: growth hormone-­releasing hormone
Ipamorelin: growth hormone-releasing peptide
Tesamorelin: growth hormone-releasing peptide
IGF-LR3: increases lean muscle mass
PEG-MGF: increases lean muscle mass

Peptides for Cognitive Function, Memory and Neurologic Health

Cerebrolysin: fights depression and reduces anxiety
Selank: improves memory and learning
Semax: improves memory and learning, reduces brain inflammation
DiHexa: improves memory, neuroregeneration
BPC-157 – neuroprotection

Peptides for Gut Health

BPC 157: reduces gut inflammation
LL-37: antimicrobial, supports healing at sites of inflammation

Peptides for Immunity

Melanotan 2: treats chronic inflammatory response syndrome
VIP – clears infections

Peptides for Longevity

Epitalon: increases longevity
FOXO4-DRI: senolytic, promotes apoptosis

Peptides for Men’s Health

Melanotan 2: improves libido and erectile function, causes tanning
PT-141 (Bremelanotide): improves erectile function and sexual arousal
Kisspeptin: increases testosterone, libido, bone density

Cosmetic Peptides

PTO-DBM: restores hair growth
GHK-Cu: improves skin elasticity

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