Our mission is to help you be the best version of you.

Providing entrepreneurs a modern approach to health optimization, human performance, and longevity

How we help you

The Gapin Institute leverages science-backed strategies to help high-performing entrepreneurs, executives and leaders like you optimize your health and improve performance in every area of your life. 

Our comprehensive approach helps you put all the pieces together to help you achieve your goals – whether it’s having more energy and focus and drive, improving your performance at work or in the gym, or simply being the best version of yourself.

How we are different

At the Gapin Institute we combine cutting-edge medical care, functional medicine health coaching, cutting-edge labs and diagnostic testing, personalized genetics, biometric data tracking, and concierge care all under one roof.

Our data-driven approach with the proprietary Gapin Precision Method uses advanced diagnostics to find the hidden blind spots in your health, leverages biometric data to track clear metrics for your health, and then connects the dots and put it all together with a personalized blueprint for success.

How to work with us

There are three ways to get started: our 60-min High Performance Health Consultation with a healthcare provider, our advanced Precision Health Diagnostics looking at 100+ biomarkers, or our complimentary Health Advisor Discovery Call to determine which program would be best suited for your health and performance goals.





The Gapin Precision Method

Developed by Dr. Gapin, the Gapin Precision Method takes a data-driven approach to help you achieve your health and performance goals.

Precision Discovery

(What Are Your Goals?)

  • Where Are You Now
  • Where Do You Want To Be?
  • Health and Lifestyle Assessment
  • What’s Your Why?

Precision Diagnostics

(Find Your Blind Spots)

  • Labs: Hormones, Metabolic Health, Micronutrients,
    Cardiovascular Health, Electrolytes
  • Functional Tests: Gut Health, Cortisol, Metabolism, Cardiovascular Health, Resting Metabolic Rate and VO2 Max, Cognitive Function
  • Imaging: Coronary Calcium Score, Full Body MRI

Precision Data

(One Size Fails All)

  • Genetics
  • Biometric Data: Blood Sugar, Sleep, HRV, Activity, Body Composition
  • Personalized Health KPIs: Labs, Tests, Wearable Data, Body Composition, Subjective Assessments

Precision Design

(Just Tell Me What To Do)

  • Life: Nutrition, Sleep, Fitness, Toxins, Mindset/Stress, Gratitude, Social Connection, Accountability
  • Supplementation: Hormones, Supplements, Peptides, Medications
  • Cutting-edge advances: Regenerative Therapies (Stem cells, Exosomes, PRP), Biohacking Tools (Cryo, Sauna, Red Light, etc.)

As you improve, we retest, refine, and repeat to continually optimize your results.

Be the best version of you.

Tracy Gapin, MD

Entrepreneur Health and Performance Expert
CEO & Founder, Gapin Institute for Precision Medicine

“I believe that how you show up every day, the success you achieve, and the quality of your life all depend on your health. So commit to it. Own it. And make it your absolute top priority.”

Testimonials & Results

“I’ve been involved with Gapin and its been a blessing. I lost the dad bod and just in better shape than I was in my twenties.”

- Richard Behney

“What impresses me about Dr Gapin and his program is they are concerned about the individual and their personal progress. It isn’t a one size fits all like some others. Your personal needs are a priority.  Dr Gapin has always made me feel like an individual and not just another client.”

- Walker Stradley

“I am writing this as a testimony to how wonderful Dr. Gapin and his staff are… They have been nothing but supportive and have cutting edge health technology that is well worth investigating… I’ve been very happy with my results in the areas of weight loss, sleep and energy.”

- Philip Coniglio

“Under Dr. Gapin’s G1 program I never thought I could reach the next level in health and fitness. I have been a health freak  for many years and with their direction I am now seeing amazing results.”

-Mark Maus

“I believe that the G1 program is truly one of a kind! I have been in the program for almost 2 years now and could not be more pleased with the results. I have more energy, my sleep is greatly improved, my overall health is excellent and I look and feel years younger. I am very thankful to Doc Tracy and his wonderful team at the Gapin Institute for what they are helping me achieve.”

- Ken Olson

“As a participant in the G1 program, I highly recommend the program for all guys who are looking to be a “better you.”  Dr. Gapin, his staff, and the health care coaches are readily accessible and employ a multi-disciplinary approach to help you achieve your goals and improve your performance in all areas of your life.

  Don’t waste time sitting in a sterile waiting room of the average physician who simply is treating your symptoms.  Join Doc Tracy and his cutting edge team in the pro-active MALE90X program and see results fast – the future of medicine is here now!”

- Brad Hall

I am now 71 but people are telling me I look 50 and I truly feel better than I did at 50. My feeling of energy, cognitive clarity, and vitality. And all in important ways that I didn’t have before the performance program at Gapin Institute. I lost 20 lbs over six months and I lost 3 inches off my waist. My exercise tolerance has improved significantly and helped me in my Pickle Ball game—significantly better!

- Jerry Greenberg, MD

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