Get the lab testing you need.

Get the lab testing you need to take control of your health. Uncover the ‘blind spots’ in your health that are holding you back.  Measure 100+ biomarkers to help you function at the highest level and feel your absolute best. Just $500. Now FSA and HSA eligible.

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Did you know?

  • Your hormones regulate your energy, cognitive function, mood,
    metabolism, muscle mass, nearly everything
  • Your blood sugar levels have a massive affect on your ability to
    lose weight
  • Chronic hidden inflammation crushes cognitive function
  • Your micronutrient levels directly affect your energy and mood
  • Your LDL, HDL and total cholesterol don’t tell the whole story
    when it comes to cardiovascular risk
  • Your gut controls your energy, metabolism, cardiovascular
    health, nearly everything

All of these health issues are potential ‘blind spots’ in your health – holding you back – limiting you…your health… your performance… how your mind and body function… how you show up every day..

Precision Health Diagnostics

Measure 100+ biomarkers to help you function at the highest level and feel your absolute best.

Our precision health diagnostics are based on the biomarkers necessary to discover exactly what your needs are and offer the most advanced solutions. This is central to our philosophy and the basis of the Gapin Protocol. With these unique insights, our team of experts will help you pinpoint specific factors for a profound impact on your health. Lab tests are responsible for 70 percent of medical decisions. Let us help you get started with an unparalleled approach to health guiding you to real results.

$500 Precision Health
Diagnostics Lab Panel and Report

$900 Precision Health Diagnostics Lab Panel and Report w/ Medical Interpretation

When it comes to lab testing, we help clarify results.

Numbers alone don‘t tell the whole story. Your lab results are just numbers –
unless you connect the dots and understand how they all fit together. The context of your lab results is critically important to understand what they mean and what to do about them. This is why we recommend the 60-minute medical interpretation with the Precision Health Diagnostics. We don’t just review the results, we explain what they mean and provide context for your health.

*HSA / FSA Eligible
*Ask About Additional Testing included in our G1 Program for High Performance Health: Gut Health Analysis, Galleri Cancer Detection, Food Sensitivity, Biologic Age, Cortisol Testing, Genetic Testing

Lab & Analysis Comparison

“Typical labs done by your primary care doc only looks at a few biomarkers, missing many potential blind spots in your health. Our goal is to discover those and help your mind and body function at the highest level.”

Tracy Gapin, MD
America’s Men’s Health Expert

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does insurance cover these diagnostics? Some insurance policies only provide coverage for certain lab tests. As such, your health insurance won’t cover most tests for preventive health.

Are Precision Health Diagnostics available throughout the US? Yes. Our extensive labs are available in the continental US. Our team will work with you to get a lab order at a location convenient to you.

Why doesn’t my primary doc do these tests? The traditional insurance route typically requires a specific symptom to warrant comprehensive testing. Most doctors rarely have the time needed to understand and explain your results.

Do you do genetic testing? Yes at the Gapin Institute. However, those tests are generally included in the full year long program.

Do you accept HSA or FSA? Your HSA or FSA may cover the test, but we can not guarantee that as every plan is different.

Performance health starts here.

Our team will reach out to you to coordinate your labs and next steps.

Schedule your virtual visit with our medical team to review your results (if applicable.)

Our medical team will help determine the G1 Program for High Performance Health that’s right for you.

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