MRI/US Fusion Prostate Biopsy

PSA screening is an important yet simple blood test that helps identify men who are at risk of having prostate cancer. A PSA value higher than 3.5 ng/dl, or a rise in your PSA by more than 0.5ng/dl is considered elevated.

If your PSA is elevated, it’s important to undergo an evaluation to determine why it’s elevated. An elevated PSA can be caused by prostate cancer, but can also be due to a variety of non-malignant causes such as benign prostate enlargement (BPH), prostate infection, or prostate inflammation.

How do we evaluate men with an elevated PSA? The traditional approach has been a standard ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy. 

The biggest challenge with this technique is its limited ability to actually detect cancer. Although the prostate is clearly seen via ultrasound, we are typically unable to actually identify any areas that might be suspicious for prostate cancer. 

It’s therefore a “blind” or “random” biopsy, in which we attempt to sample as much of the prostate as possible –  hoping to hit the cancer, if there is any! Studies have shown that this standard technique misses 30-50% of cancers. This means a patient can have a clinically significant cancer that is completely missed on a traditional biopsy.

What is MRI/Ultrasound 3-D Fusion Biopsy?

Prostate MRI and MRI-guided 3-D Targeted (or “Fusion”) Biopsy have revolutionized the evaluation of men with an elevated PSA. Prostate MRI can provide detailed information about the internal anatomy of the prostate, and identify any suspicious areas. 

If an abnormality is detected on the MRI, we can now obtain a targeted biopsy of the suspicious area(s) with an MRI/Ultrasound 3-D Fusion Biopsy. This combines the tremendous anatomic detail of multi-parametric MRI with real-time ultrasound, allowing precise, image-driven prostate biopsies.

Who is a Good Candidate for an MRI/Ultrasound 3-D Fusion Biopsy?

Any man with an elevated PSA or a current diagnosis of prostate cancer may undergo a prostate MRI.  MRI/Ultrasound 3-D Fusion Biopsy is ideal for men with an abnormality identified on prostate MRI, providing very precise tissue sampling.

What are the Benefits of an MRI/Ultrasound 3-D Fusion Biopsy?

Where standard transrectal ultrasound (TRUS)-guided prostate biopsies have failed, the new MRI/Ultrasound 3-D Fusion Biopsy system succeeds. The benefits of fusion biopsies include:

  • The identification of prostate cancers that were often missed by traditional biopsy techniques
  • Ability to avoid unnecessary biopsies of normal areas of the prostate
  • Enhanced visualization of tumors, detailing both the exact size and location
  • Targeted biopsies with improved sampling
  • 3-D mapping of the prostate and any tumors
  • More individualized cancer treatment planning, including consideration for possible focal therapy
  • Accurate follow-up of men with prostate cancer on active surveillance

The Gapin Institute offers the most advanced prostate cancer screening available. Utilizing MRI/Ultrasound 3-D Fusion Biopsy, we are able to precisely identify prostate cancer with minimal risk of side effects and no associated pain.

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