NAD+ IV Therapy

Aging is inevitable – but there’s a whole new frontier for optimizing our health through the latest genetic science and biohacking. NAD+ can help you to slow down the aging process and maybe even reverse it!

NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a cutting-edge tool to promote longevity down to the cellular level. Properly functioning cellular metabolism is possible by coenzymes (“helper molecules”) and specific proteins acting as metabolic sensors that respond to conditions in the cells and body. NAD+ is a tiny coenzyme that plays an essential role in this delicate dance.

As you age, NAD+ decreases, and with it goes cellular function that prevents disease and maintains vitality. NAD+ is vital to cellular metabolism because it turns nutrients into cellular energy. It also activates a set of proteins called sirtuins that regulate cellular health. NAD+ creates the cellular energy that helps us retain our youthful function, muscle strength, and physical stamina. 

A fascinating aspect of NAD+ is its role in protecting against the factors that age us. This includes inflammation, DNA damage, and failing mitochondria (cell respiration). NAD+ promotes longevity by facilitating DNA repair and protecting mitochondria from an early death. As a result, NAD lowers the risks for age-related brain diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s and cardiovascular diseases (a leading cause of death for men). 

NAD+ is the building block for all our systems, such as the lymphatic, cardiovascular, and nervous systems. It is responsible for our immune function, insulin regulation, and fatty acid oxidation. Without it, we would die!



We specialize in NAD+ IV (intravenous) therapy that is nothing like an IV you might have had in a hospital. You can lay back and relax while we deliver NAD+ via IV to heal and rejuvenate you. The sessions last about an hour and are comfortable and painless.


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